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Certificate in facilitation: Arts-based social inquiry in peace education

Peace Education sets in motion processes of self-reflection and research which range across personal history through to socio-political analysis. The notion of art as research comes from the recognition that such activity makes it possible to explore issues in new ways. While the overt aim may be to produce art, the collateral learning can be at another level. In aesthetic space, whether it be photo-art or a dramatic performance, it is possible to wrestle with situations, which are unclear and paradoxical. Within higher education, the creative arts therefore offer a way thinking, as well as a means to promote broader participation. Active learners become active citizens. The introduction of a transformative pedagogy in higher education, offers an alternative way of researching and interacting. Such a challenge to hierarchical systems of knowledge acquisition is itself a form of civic education. This certificate programme is designed to develop competence in facilitation, by directly experiencing learning within the creative arts, by functioning as a tutor in such a seminar, and then finally by reflecting theoretically upon the experiences.

The curriculum is consists of:

One seminar in the theories and contexts of Peace Education (two credit points)

Two seminars as participant in an arts-based seminar (four credit points)

One seminar as tutor in an arts-based seminar (four credit points)



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Achtung: Neuer TutorInnen Workshop im August 2017

Diesen Sommer findet unser nächster TutorInnen Workshop statt. Es gibt wieder die Möglichkeit sich im Rahmen unseres Zertifikats „Arts-based social inquiry in peace education“ als TutorIn ausbilden zu lassen und zwar fĂĽr die diesjährige Sommeruniversität der Friedensbildung/Peacebuilding zu dem Thema: „Kreativität und Dialog. Sich einmischen in gespaltenen Gesellschaften“. Dies Ausbildung wird stattfinden im Rahmen des dort angebotenen Fotoart Workshops:

Creativity and Peacebuilding in Higher Education (Gordon Mitchell, Monika Pietrzak-Franger, Titus Pacho, Joseph Badokufa):  In August 2017, Titus Pacho and  Joseph Badokufa will be guests of the University of Hamburg. Both are lecturers in the Faculty of Education at St Augustine University in Tanzania. In addition to reporting on peace and human rights initiatives at their university, they will facilitate a workshop using methods of arts-based social inquiry. Photo-art will serve as a platform for thinking and exchange. Here the emphasis will be on uncovering the contradictions and opportunities presented by higher education.

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