•• Creativity and Peacebuilding in Higher Education 2017

In cooperation with the Syrian photographer  Manar Bilal

Period of workshop: 29.8.-1.9.2017

Violence in soccer stadiums, hate in the Internet—conflict, whether political or societal, is as multifold as its causes and solutions. How can you get help? Twenty-five students sought answers to this question at a summer university program organized by the initiative of peace building/Friedensbuildung from 29 August–1 September. They focused on the topic of „creativity and dialog.“ One of the workshops was: Creativity and Peacebuilding in Higher Education.

„beyond borders“ focusing on the overcoming of interpersonal boundaries. Inspired by Rumi „Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.“ (Hilda-Helena Idun, Verena Gresz, bearbeitet von Tassio Silva)


„We are different but we can live together in peace.“ (Kundjo Ntad Germaine, ….. bearbeitet von Tassio Silva)


Also Titus Pacho and Joseph Badokufa were guests of the University of Hamburg. Both are lecturers in the Faculty of Education at St Augustine University in Tanzania. In addition to reporting on peace and human rights initiatives at their university, they facilitated a workshop using methods of arts-based social inquiry. Photo-art served as a platform for thinking and exchange. Here the emphasis was on uncovering the contradictions and opportunities presented by higher education. The participants were asked to portray conflicts.


Putting ideas together…












Everyone has a different story…so listen! (Annika von Scheidt, Joseph Badokufa Bulugu, Jana Plicková, Manar Bilal,  ….. )












The photos were taken in a workshop with the Syrian photographer Manar Bilal. He also explained to the students what is necessary for a good photography: „The most important thing when you are taking a picture is your feeling about it.“he said.

Manar Bilal at his exhibition – link












Interview with Prof. Dr. Gordon Mitchell on the peace building summer university program 2017: link

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