•• Dancing on the fault lines 2015

Workshop with Jessica Nupen (Choreographin), Prof. Gordon Mitchell and 8 dancers from South Africa,  touring Germany in Jessica Nupens „Rebellion and Johannesburg“.

Workshop-Period: 5th October 2015

The emphasis of this workshop was on developing a participatory process of dance and reflection, in which everyone has moments both as performer and as researcher. A particular benefit to those interested in how aesthetic processes might contribute to peace building. Cultural battles of power and tradition unfold to reveal unmistakable contrasts of tradition and cultural attitudes in South Africa. A bond seemingly doomed with undeniable prejudices has unexpected revelations. The dance-piece takes an anarchic route around a range of modern and traditional narratives where order and chaos struggle in the quest for power and identity. The dancers fearlessly confront the truths and myths of a complex political and social history and the current socio-political predicament they individually find themselves in whilst uncovering humorous contradictions and stereotypes of gender and sexual identity. Authority is the catalyst in an ongoing struggle as the dancers contest their own legacies. The piece (workshop) experiments, workshops and generates new ways to explore and confront themes of gender, the search for one‘s true identity, cultural violence and the use/misuse of power in a cross-cultural context.


Looking at diverse perceptions of culture and cultural violence


Watching the others: How do we perceive each other’s gestures?


Making new friends


Jessica Nupen explaining the process









Dancing together


Reflection on the process


Reflection on the process

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