•• Move for peace 2016

Workshop-Phase: 15.4.-24.4. 2016

Gefördert von Stiftungen für Hamburg – Fonds „Flüchtlinge & Ehrenamt“ 

In Zusammenarbeit mit Prof. Fadi Skeiker 

We wanted to ask essential social questions regarding flight and integration in relation to the University of Hamburg, and to examine the role of the University in the process of arriving. Participants were encouraged to change perspective, review stereotypes, and particularly to adress the question of the role of the University in integration. One unique feature of this seminar was the heterogeneity of its participants: students from different disciplines, with and without flight experience. Another future was the interdisciplinary, creative approach. The method used by Prof. Fadi Skeiker was Applied Theatre. During the process we produced our own play and by the final session we had a studio performance. Prior Theatre experience was not necessary for participants!


A special focus was the exchange between students, to enhance the personal perspective. The approaches from science could be reflected on at a personal level, thereby causing an impact on their own social and political behavior, and so also the individual and social commitment in society and in the University. This allowed for a scientific and personal analysis by the participants of the seminar topics and of the University of Hamburg as a location and actor in this process.


Fadi Skeiker teaching the students

Students who had already been involved in voluntary refugee work and who have already been taught by Fadi Sekeiker, were trained as multipliers at this seminar in order to use theatre work to contribute toward the integration of refugee.

Valentyna Iziumska taking notes for her master thesis. She investigated the question how participants reflect their experience in this project.

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