•• Paradigm shifts 2017

– Using applied Improv theatre as a practice in inner- and interpersonal perspective taking


The practice of taking on other people’s perspectives is a valuable skill in transforming conflicts. Listening to understand, acceptance, and creativity are important aspects of taking on the perspective of another person and is a key practice in improvisational theater and conflict transformation.  In this workshop, we explore the theory and practice of perspective taking through applied improv and conflict transformation. And looking at authors such as John Dewey and John Paul Lederach. Facilitated by Kevin J. Brenneman and Ise Gainza. Workshop-Period: 12-14th May 2017.



Starting the process… try to stay focused, take another perspective, … solve the riddle…


Listen and observe


Be present in the moment and commit 100%


Mirroring –  play and have fun!


Step out of the comfort zone and  risk  the “step into the unknown“


Reflection on the process


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