•• The World in Place WS 2012/13

Winter Seminars in the Arts and Education for Sustainable Development

Interdisziplinäres Lehrangebot Peacebuilding/Friedensbildung der Universität Hamburg ; WS 2012/13

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Dozenten: Prof. Dr. Gordon Mitchell / Sofie Olbers, M.A.

Credit Points: 3

Course Outline:

Peace and Human Rights Education, Global Education, Intercultural Education, Environmental Education, all try to put in place useful skills, perceptions and attitudes. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) has over the past years increasingly served as a forum for these overlapping initiatives. It is near the end of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014), and a lot remains to be done to clarify how education might enable ordinary people to honour both human rights and the environment.

The workshops are part of an ongoing experiment to test ways in which the creative arts might serve as a means of both socio-political analysis and communication between people. Participants live in Hamburg, but many will be international students and have their roots elsewhere. Art can offer a venue where scenes from faraway places are acted out on local stages, and vice versa.

Participants are encouraged to reflect on their experience of the issues raised by the workshop from the point of view of their academic disciplines. In addition there will be reading material from debates about ‘Glocalisation’ and  ‘Education for Sustainable Development’. Accreditation for the seminar in freien Wahlbereich (3 credit points) can be achieved through active participation in one of the workshops, and a 5-7 reflection page paper. The seminar also counts towards Certificate in Intercultural Competence (Baustein D; www.uni-hamburg.de/cic), Abteilung Internationales. It will be possible to sign up for one of the following three workshops. Please indicate your preference and send a letter of motivation by 30.8.2012 to artpeaceprojects@googlemail.com (registration in STINE is not possible).


PART*perform – glocal theatre (for a better world). A Workshop with Hana Tefrati

Workshop: 6.-14.10.2012 10-18h, amount of places: 16

Participants will constitute themselves as an international performance group, which will create experiments and actions in (semi-) public space in order to explore interpersonal encounters through contact with passersby and spectators. The artistic process will proceed along the lines of artistic research as a personal investigation, in collective exchange of ideas, through performative experiments, and in their reflection. With many international students participating, ideas and materials can be generated by means of glocal stories and human modes of behavior. The interfaces between empathy and the global world will be explored:  how we meet, how we communicate, and how we sense each other. The aim is to do research collectively, to recycle, to create anew, and to test performative methods as a site of transition between art and everyday life, between fiction and reality. Presentation might include Invisible Theatre, socio-political formats of action, or performances/installations in public space…).

Dialogue of the Diasporas. A Workshop with Gaisha Madanova

Workshop: 2.11.- 4.11.2012 10-16h and 8.11.2012 (evening-exhibition), amount of places: 9

This workshop will be conducted in Russian and in English.  After the collapse of the Soviet Union, tension between former allies in the republics increased in a range of ways. The aspiration for complete independence required a new identity for every new state, which they often expressed in cultural or religious terms. The collective memories of the not always positive pages of the common Soviet history seem to overshadow the interest of people might have had in gaining personal experiences with the religion, cultures and the everyday life of each other. In consequence many groups, young and old, do not know much about each other in the modern life. This lack of knowledge can open the way to political manipulation, and may lead to prejudice. Thus different religions and value systems have immense importance in building relationships across national boundaries. The workshop offers the opportunity for the young people from the former Soviet Union to meet each other in neutral space and to enter into dialogue, using the creative arts (photographic art) as a forum for intercultural and interreligious communication.


The World in Place. A Workshop with Hasan and Husain Essop

Workshop: 30.11.-2.12. 10-16h and 6.12.2012 (evening-exhibition), amount of places: 30

In their photographic art Hasan and Husain Essop from Cape Town/South Africa make possible the portrayal of plural identities visible by means of multilayered narratives. It becomes possible to juxtapose Images of belonging and alienation, the local and the global. The workshop “The World in Place” deals with the question of how and in which ways young people juggle with questions of identity in a culturally and religiously diverse society, bringing global perspectives into local modes of action. In the process of producing photographs of their own multiple identities, participants are able to process complex and current issues of self-perception and perception by others.

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