•• Global Humanities in Transnational Exchange 2018


Summer School: September 2018 in Qingdao, China

The notion Global Humanities has become an important forum for research and teaching in the Human Sciences. In Germany there is currently growing interest and research in this field, which incorporates Arts Education, Peace Studies and Intercultural Education. The summer school will bring together established scholars and students which will use these recent developments (especially the link to artistic and performing arts) to jointly advance peace research through trans-disciplinary and international cooperation. The lecturers leading the workshops at the summer school are from various disciplines, including English Literature Studies, Education, Religious Studies, Sinology and the Fine Arts. The summer school will take place over two weeks and will be divided into the following stages: Introduction, Workshop ( Fine Arts, Storytelling and Photo-Art), Exhibition, Presentation and Reflection. The working language is English.

The summer school itself is free of charge. The materials for the workshops will also be provided out of charge.


How to apply:

All students from participating universities can apply. Please just contact us if you are interested.

If you want to apply directly, please send a letter of motivation, CV, Transcript of Records (Eigenausdruck über Stine) and a two-page statement: “What is the potential contribution of your discipline to promoting greater global understanding?”

A total of 30 students will be selected (Chinese, Korean, Japanese and German students).

For further information please contact:    artpeaceprojects@gmail.com



Organized in cooperation with: Shandong University, China




In further cooperation with:     Qingdao Technological University (China), Fudan University (China), Chosun University (Korea), and Kyoto Univerity   



Financed by: the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)  







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