•• Zooming into Hamburg 2012

Workshop-Period: 02.-04.11.2012

Exhibition: 08.11

Sponsored by the Gustav Prietsch-Stiftung Hamburg

Participants of the Project “Zooming into Hamburg” constituted themselves as an international art group of Hamburg-Students. Participating in the project they created their own art photos and expressed in these their culture, norms, ideas, worldviews, plans, way of life, and so on. So the workshop offered the opportunity for the young people to meet each other in neutral space and to interact, using the creative arts as a forum for intercultural and interreligious communication. The art process was developed in the group, so that participants could create their pictures, exchanging ideas collectively in the group and reflecting their experiences within this process. So the participants could do new experiences with each other. The art process was lead by the professional artist Gaisha Madonava from Kazachstan. She introduced a lot of interesting techniques in photo-art giving the participants a good basis for creative work.


„Kulturelle Identität vs. Globalisierung“
Nadiia Zadorozhna










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