•• Spirals of Storytelling in Jordan 2015

Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Performance: Workshop in Ammarin bedouin camp and Amman/ Jordan


In August 2015, a group of students spent eight days in a storytelling workshop. Ten were from the University of Hamburg and ten from the University of Jordan. The method used was a participatory storytelling, pioneered by Augusto Boal and adapted by Fadi Skeiker. Instead of a story having fixed form and then being performed, the storyline is developed in an interactive and ongoing process. The emphasis is on the growth of the story through its performance. Facilitated by Assc. Prof. Fadi Skeiker, Deema Dabis, Prof. Gordon Mitchell and Hamida Behr. Photo and Video by Ren Shallman. Sponsored by DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst).

This project is at the centre of Hamida Behrs doctoral research, which explores the interaction between religious identity and narrative in Peace Education.

Day 2


Day 3










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