This Weblog is written by Ralf Appelt and used for the Seminar “Pedagogical Media Theory – Blogging and its possible relation to education” (Nr. 41-61.030) between 7th of April and 14th of July 2009 at the University of Hamburg.


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Since Blogs are an easy way to publish information to the web the use of them is still increasing, even in educational settings. The question for this seminar is how could blogging and microblogging be used efficently for teachers and learners. What are traps and what are benefits in using those technologies for learning processes? What kind of understanding of the relation between teacher and student are common and meaningful if social software is used in education? We will deal with different learning theories and how they adapt to blogging. You will also try blogging and microblogging during the seminar to discover relevant aspects for judging about the relevance and to take didactical aspects in account for future learning arrangements.

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