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Portfolio Talk

Hi all,

downloadI hope you all have wonderful holidays and everyone is enjoying the weather. With this post I upload some information concerning your portfolio talk. It is supposed to give you some guidance for your portfolio talk and might be a help in preparing it. If you have questions please send me an eMail or leave a comment.
Please request a date for a meeting via email.

Greetings Ralf

Pecha Kucha style as a way to do your presentation

You are asked to create a theoretical based usecase of microblogging or blogging and publish your results online.

The next step will be to give a presentation of your results in the seminar. In order to avoid long and exhausting presentations I ask you to do your presentation using pecha kucha style.

Pecha Kucha („Éö„ÉÅ„É£„ÇØ„ÉÅ„É£?), usually pronounced in three syllables like “pe-chak-cha”) is a presentation format in which content can be easily, efficiently and informally shown, usually at a public event designed for that purpose. Under the format, a presenter shows 20 images for 20 seconds apiece, for a total time of 6 minutes, 40 seconds.1

So everyone should bring a slideshow with 20 slides with herself/himself to give a presentation of 6 minutes 40 seconds in total for our last seminar session on 14th of juli. Read more »

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Whats up next?

This Post should help you to get some orientation for the next weeks. Please add you whishes, problems, thoughts, ideas, ….

  1. What kind of Problems are you facing with Task #6?
  2. Make sure to to get feedback to Task #6 from at least two people. Ask them to comment on your Posts. They don’t have to belong to the seminar. Consider to give feedback to the other students blogs!
  3. Please let me know what you want to deal with in the last weeks during the seminar. What do you still want to learn about educational (micro)blogging?
  4. Make sure all tasks are done till the end of the semester.


  1. Pink Sherbet Photography []

What does an educational microblogging service need?

Today we talked about the question if one would like to use microblogging in education, what would be needed to be a good educational microblogging service.
To discuss that and share some general information we used an etherpad document. And I have to admit that I was a bit surprised that instead of just thinking about the task everyone started creating content in this document. I shared the Information that we are working on this right now on twitter an so other seminar participants who can’t joint today and other twitter users joined as well. Thanks for that!

In my opinion the collected features might exclude each other sometimes, but it is a first collection and might be improved during the next weeks.

PS: During working with etherpad we discovered that there is a limitation to 8 users working on the document at the same time.

Intermediate Results at the end of the seminar: Read more »

Twitter in the seminar

(CC) Brian Solis. www.briansolis.com1
Somehow it is not that easy to follow the twitter messages from all seminar participants. Espacially following my tweets might be a lot of work and/or maybe to much work for you, because I am not only tweeting about what is happening in the seminar. And you are allowed to tweet about other things as well! But still the question is how to keep up with the seminar related tweets?
The answer is hashtags! Hashtags are strings beginning with a # (hash).
So I’ve chosen to use the official seminar Number 41-61.030 as hashtag. So always I post a twittermessage related to this seminar I add the hashtag #41-61.030 to my twittermessage.

But there is more, because there are services out on the web which aggregate twiter messages which use the same hashtag. One example is twazzup and if you search for #41-61.030 at twazzup, you will find a list of Twitter seminar related messages from any Twitter user (also from you if your posts aren’t protectet) using this hashtag.

So I would ask you to use twitter a little bit more to let us know what are you doing (for the seminar) and please include #41-61.030 to your messages if it might be interesting for the seminar.

  1. (CC) Brian Solis. | Image found at Lara Kretler []

List of Blogs and Twitternames


  1. Baktygul
    Blog | Twitter:@bakusya
  2. Catha
    Blog New Blog | Twitter:@catha_n
  3. Eva
    Blog | Twitter:@evadurall
  4. Iris
    Blog | Twitter:@extrai
  5. Johannes
    Blog | Twitter:@jmwuhh
  6. Julia
    Blog | Twitter:@druhh
  7. Kathrin
    Blog | Twitter:@mona_gamie
  8. Liv
    Blog | Twitter:@polkagrisar09
  9. Mirjam
    Blog New Blog | Twitter:@lyrabella
  10. Ralf
    Blog | Twitter:@ralfa
  11. Sabine
    Blog | Twitter:@scashh
  12. Salla
    Blog | Twitter:@xsallax

If you are missing in the list of seminar participants please add your data using the comment section!

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Welcome Seminar

Hello and Welcome to the Seminar “Pedagogical Media Theory – Blogging and its possible relation to education”.
This Blog will guide you throug our Seminar and should be the place to ask and answer your and my questions. All ressources offered by me will be hyperlinked/provided in here.
In order to get your own experiences in blogging and microblogging you are asked to create a own blog and a own account for microblogging.
Before we go on with that you should have a look at this video.

After watching this video please take a while to think about it! (Really!) Read more »

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