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Last week our seminar room was blocked because of the “Bildungsstreik” by twitter we arranged to meet outside. Within the seminar we talked also about the Iran election and the rule of the internet.
May be this Link is interesting for you: Twitter 1, Censors 0: Why it’s still working
I also found some links which might help you doing your pecha kucha presentation in three weeks:
Guide to Making a Pecha Kucha Presentation: Slide Design
Felix Jung’s Pecha Kucha presentation Tips

Below you will find the presentation I used for my pecha kucha.

By rob

What does an educational microblogging service need?

Today we talked about the question if one would like to use microblogging in education, what would be needed to be a good educational microblogging service.
To discuss that and share some general information we used an etherpad document. And I have to admit that I was a bit surprised that instead of just thinking about the task everyone started creating content in this document. I shared the Information that we are working on this right now on twitter an so other seminar participants who can’t joint today and other twitter users joined as well. Thanks for that!

In my opinion the collected features might exclude each other sometimes, but it is a first collection and might be improved during the next weeks.

PS: During working with etherpad we discovered that there is a limitation to 8 users working on the document at the same time.

Intermediate Results at the end of the seminar: Read more »

Twitter in the seminar

(CC) Brian Solis. www.briansolis.com1
Somehow it is not that easy to follow the twitter messages from all seminar participants. Espacially following my tweets might be a lot of work and/or maybe to much work for you, because I am not only tweeting about what is happening in the seminar. And you are allowed to tweet about other things as well! But still the question is how to keep up with the seminar related tweets?
The answer is hashtags! Hashtags are strings beginning with a # (hash).
So I’ve chosen to use the official seminar Number 41-61.030 as hashtag. So always I post a twittermessage related to this seminar I add the hashtag #41-61.030 to my twittermessage.

But there is more, because there are services out on the web which aggregate twiter messages which use the same hashtag. One example is twazzup and if you search for #41-61.030 at twazzup, you will find a list of Twitter seminar related messages from any Twitter user (also from you if your posts aren’t protectet) using this hashtag.

So I would ask you to use twitter a little bit more to let us know what are you doing (for the seminar) and please include #41-61.030 to your messages if it might be interesting for the seminar.

  1. (CC) Brian Solis. | Image found at Lara Kretler []

Engage the students

It is said that using new and fancy tools helps to attract the students and gets them to work more engaged in the class. Do you think engaging students could be enough as a reason to use twitter blogs, wikis and other stuff in school? How about students who would prefer the “traditional” way of classes?
See also the Blogpost of @Eva which deals with the same Problem…


Since there are still a lot of blogs without any results of your research about articles on blogs in education I am asking myself if I gave you all necessary information!?
May be it’s just the lack of a propper deadline and/or the good weather…
So both tasks, the one from last week and this one should be done before next thuesday – our next seminar session.
So you new task is – guess what – search for sources of how microblogging (e.g.) can be used in school/education to support learning. Quote the most interesting parts in a blogentry and add your own thoughts. What ist good/useful and what should be improved within this concept?
Pretty well known are the Papers from Holotescu&Grosseck1, Eber&Schiefner2 which could be a starting point but there are more papers and articles outside…

Have a nice week and see you next thuesday in the seminar!

  1. Can we use Twitter for educational activities? []
  2. Microblogging – more than fun? []

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