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The Breaking of the Circle

Playing with, through, against medial boundaries. This article is based on the presentation on September 29th 2011, “Designs on eLearning DoeL – Future Spaces for Learning”, Helsinki Picture: DoeL 2011: “Circles within circles” Abstract Digital-networked games are created to foster … Continue reading

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First Faculty Research Day

This wednesday there will be a presentation of projects and initiatives stating research interests of members of our faculty. As it seems, my poster (german) will be up, too, to give a slight and very superficial overview on Game Based … Continue reading

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A path less trodden: Realistic impossible games

There’s a category of games which deals with ‘the impossible’ as main theme. This is an approach which takes an entirely different direction than the quest for more realism in gaming. Most mainstream games usually strive for physical, contextual or … Continue reading

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