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The Breaking of the Circle

Playing with, through, against medial boundaries. This article is based on the presentation on September 29th 2011, “Designs on eLearning DoeL – Future Spaces for Learning”, Helsinki Picture: DoeL 2011: “Circles within circles” Abstract Digital-networked games are created to foster … Continue reading

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Levels of gaming

Where’s the actual interpretation and acting taking place when you’re ‘playing’? Games can be used to understand, and to intuitively act upon, the inner workings of a set of rules (e.g. simulation games), or they can show the inner or … Continue reading

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Traditional structures and courses

Linearity, finality and causality are ‘traditonal’ concepts of structure, i.e. they happen in a frame of reference and orientation we’re culturally used to, though this frame is currenty undergoing constant disassembly. If a project’s course doesn’t follow the line of … Continue reading

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